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April 2015

There are no upcoming events to display at this time.

Featured Artists

Michelle Richards-Clermont

Michelle Richards-Clermont

Michelle Richards-Clermont will be at Covernotes April 2015
Her artistic background includes a General Arts diploma from OCA and 25+ years in the graphic design industry. A self-described “emotional” artist, attracted to contrast and the allusions some experiences make to her personal life, her secluded upbringing on Morrison Lake in the Muskokas habituated comfort in social reclusion. Having recently reconnected with art through teaching and her artwork, she’s embraced the therapeutic and redemptive potential in her artistic expression. Comfortable with engaging in life as an unnoticed social observer, her work portrays her perspective on human interaction. Skilled across multiple mediums, her passions, struggles, and perspectives have been captured with photography, pastel, oil, acrylics, and her personal favourite: sketching. Styles include photorealism, abstracts, and portraiture.

Anita Dhanjal May 2015

Anita Dhanjal May 2015

Anita Dhanjal will be at Covernotes May 2015

As an artist, I envision and create paintings that speak to me about beauty, life, meaning, colors, what is here today, gone tomorrow and was there yesterday. By capturing these thoughts on canvas my passion, energy and creativity are focused on painting unique fine art.

I have been painting for many years and have been learning from great artists to learn new techniques and skills. My once in a life time opportunity to study with an iconic master of fine arts, Toller Cranston has given me a momentum of energy that I will carry with me forever.

My paintings are captivating surrealism and abstract art using oils, acrylic and encaustic mediums. I have a unique and creative style that is very colorful, vibrant and eye catching. I have a starting point but never know where the last brush stroke will take me to complete my painting. This is my journey and then yours will begin at this moment where you will find so much appreciation of the fine arts, the freedom of expression and creativity within oneself.

You will be enjoying the beauty of art that is the passion, energy and creativity that I deliver to you.

Raine Davis May 2015

Raine Davis May 2015

Mary Fawcette/Doucette

Mary Fawcette/Doucette

Raine Davis will be at Covernotes May 2015

“Inspired by everything around me and every twist and turn in my life, my journey with Art began as a child in my native England.

In 1985 I gained a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art and have since pursued a career as a freelance Artist/teacher.

Using paint and mixed media collage as my ultimate response to the beauty and questions that abound, my paintings evolve through expression of colour, texture, spontaneity and intuition.

Even after over 40 years of pursuing my quest for creative expression, I continue to be in a place of wonder,discovery, adventure and anticipation each time I paint.

As an Art teacher of expressionism I endeavour to encourage and support others in the discovery and ‘unearthing’ of their own unique Creativity.

Mary Fawcette/Doucette will be at Covernotes May 2015

I am a passionate Painter…

Painting gives me so much joy as i open and allow the unknown to show itself it takes me to another place where everything falls away and it is just me and my canvas.

Mixed Media is a great way for me to express without limitations…

With the inspiration and positive reinforcement i receive from my teacher Raine Davis I will continue to stay open to all possibilities and keep creating for the love of art…..Mary Doucette ‘unearthing’ of their own unique Creativity.

Raya Finelson June 2015

Raya Finelson June 2015

Sharon Kirsh

Sharon Kirsh

Artist from the McMichael Art Show Raya Finkelson will be exhibiting her art in June 2015 at Covernotes in Richmond Hill

Raya is an emerging artist (and a professional IT consultant by trade). Her interest in art can be traced all the way back to her childhood. Art, in all of its various manifestations has fascinated her and has always been her passion and favorite hobby. 8 year ago her creative itch pushed me to start exploring art on a deeper level. She has created an independent body of work; unique 3D paintings that include sculpture elements on canvases, which really bring the pieces to life with a whole new dimension. Creating them is a far more in depth process than traditional paintings, but she truly enjoys bringing her unique pieces of art to life with my one of a kind approach. She is am a member or Richmond Hill Group of Artists.

Sharon Kirsh will be exhibiting her art June 2015

Since childhood, Sharon Kirsh has been an artist, spending hours painting murals on the walls of her family home, but realized in high-school that arts education was not geared towards inspiring creativity, and decided to pursue graduate studies in Training and Organizational Development at The University of Toronto. As a corporate training consultant, Sharon began developing and delivering workshops to help others bring creativity into their corporate work environments. Craving more artistry in her own life, she pursued a degree in Interior Design. Focused on creating spaces that were expressive of home and business owners authentic style, Sharon’s own authentic artistic voice also began emerging, and she decided to follow a life-long passion to paint and began taking courses with artists throughout the GTA and at the Toronto School of Art and Haliburton School of Art.

Mahtab Abdollahi July 2015

Mahtab Abdollahi July 2015

Artist Statement – Painting in an expressive representational yet somewhat abstract style, incorporating collage and multiple media, my paintings reflect my strong affection for the world around me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I feel and experience the world with intensity, and it is through painting that I express my sincere emotions and my enchantment and joy with the wonderful gifts of nature. To me, a successful painting is one that elicits positive emotions from the viewer. It is a wonderful challenge to lay down colour, patterns, brushstrokes, and for someone to then be able to share in the emotions that motivated each aspect found on the canvas.

Mahtab Abdollahi from the McMichael Art Sale will be exhibiting her art at Covernotes Richmond Hill in July 2015

Mahtab Abdollahi strives to explore her creativity, to experience the outer limits and push the boundaries of her artistic journey. As an artist who desires to excel in her craft, Mahtab uses a variety of mediums to express herself and achieve the right texture and feel in her work. The canvas is her playground where she embraces the joy of creative process, where she delights in happy accidents and other unplanned surprises.Her artworks represent’s a passion and excitement that she has cherished and nourished, and arise from the many memories of the experience of life itself.

Heleh Dehlavi

Heleh Dehlavi

Dan Marlatt

Dan Marlatt

Heleh Dehlavi will be exhibiting her art June 2015

Born to a family of musicians, poets, and visual artists, Haleh’s mind and soul is enriched with different forms of art. Her talent was originally nourished with music in form of playing violin, and later flourished through other forms of visual art, where she found her true passion in drawing and painting. This paved her way to exploring her unique style of artwork creation. Education in Textile Design and Printing (Bachelor of Art), and later on Interior Decorating Certification, enhanced her inspiration to integrate and utilize different mediums at her disposal to express her innate and complex, yet basic emotions to capture the very invaluable moments in life, and to celebrate the experience of simple presence and pure existence… Hence “justBe” was born. JustBe is Haleh’s original artwork collection. Each piece of this collection is signed with justBe aiming to remind everyone to feel the present moment simply by “just be”. Her works consist of mixed media mainly in form of collage and are highlighted with her ingenious wire figures. A member of Richmond Hill Group of Artists, Haleh has participated in many art and cultural exhibitions, and is an active member of art community in her home town, Richmond Hill.

Dan Marlatt will be exhibiting his art June 2015

I am a resident of Richmond Hill,all throughout my life I fully enjoyed the wonders of nature all around me.

What I am doing is a re-development and re-emergence of a centuries old art technique “bas relief” with a modern spin, hand carving re-claimed sheetrock,(drywall)and encasing in tinted epoxy along with natural and reclaimed materials, some work utilizing natural sunlight.

Daniel James Marlatt

Joan Loewenstein

Joan Loewenstein

Joan Loewenstein will be exhibiting her art June 2015

Joan Loewenstein completed her teacher training, specializing in Art, while still living in South Africa. She has since taught art to children and adults in both Johannesburg and Toronto. Joan is a qualified Art Specialist. In addition, Joan has studied art at the Ontario College of Art and Design, The Art Gallery of Ontario and Fleming College in Haliburton.

Encouraging both children and adults to explore their personal creativity is Joan’s passion. She taught art at the elementary level for over 25 years, and has also delivered innovative fine art adult and children workshops.

Joan works and teaches primarily in experimental watercolour printmaking, in addition to a variety of media and methods, including painting, mosaic, weaving and collage.


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