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Richmond Hill, Ontario @ 10268 Yonge St. (south of Elgin Mills)

Monday through Friday: 7:30am – 9pm
Saturday: 8am – 9pm
Sunday: 8am – 7pm
Newmarket, Ontario @ 222 Main Street, South

Monday through Saturday: 7am – 9pm
Sunday: 7am – 7pm


December 2014

There are no upcoming events to display at this time.

Featured Artists

Raya Finelson June 2015

Raya Finelson June 2015

Deborah Jolly January 2015

Deborah Jolly January 2015

Artist from the McMichael Art Show Deborah Jolly will be exhibiting her art in January 2015 at Covernotes in Richmond Hill

DEBORAH JOLLY is a prolific, driven, spirit who applies haphazard puddles of oil or acrylic paint, and massages her very soul into each work, using her finger tips, palette knives, and the occasional brush. “Oils provide me time to be mindful of what must rise to the surface and acrylics assist with growth periods.” Embracing an intentional lack of premeditated shapes combined with innate balance, flow, and mouth-dropping colours, Harob’s works often leave viewer’s asking, “How?” Gratitude for this neophyte’s fresh approach, and bold energy.

Artist from the McMichael Art Show Raya Finkelson will be exhibiting her art in June 2015 at Covernotes in Richmond Hill

Raya is an emerging artist (and a professional IT consultant by trade). Her interest in art can be traced all the way back to her childhood. Art, in all of its various manifestations has fascinated her and has always been her passion and favorite hobby. 8 year ago her creative itch pushed me to start exploring art on a deeper level. She has created an independent body of work; unique 3D paintings that include sculpture elements on canvases, which really bring the pieces to life with a whole new dimension. Creating them is a far more in depth process than traditional paintings, but she truly enjoys bringing her unique pieces of art to life with my one of a kind approach. She is am a member or Richmond Hill Group of Artists.


Shannie Van Buren January 2015

Shannie Van Buren Exhibiting at Covernotes Richmond Hill January 2015

Mural Mural on the Wall Shannie Van Buren, the principle artist, brings her distinctive style to every piece of art she produces, which applies festive colours, robust creativity, attention to detail, and often children’s quirky subjects.

Shannie graduated with a Bachelor of Design from Ryerson University, where she studied art fundamentals, art history, design theory, and studio art. While at Ryerson University she explored her talents and learned how to successfully apply her creative ambitions and enhance her technical skills. Making children laugh has always been a springboard that inspires her work.

Mahtab Abdollahi July 2015

Mahtab Abdollahi July 2015

Mahtab Abdollahi from the McMichael Art Sale will be exhibiting her art at Covernotes Richmond Hill in July 2015

Mahtab Abdollahi strives to explore her creativity, to experience the outer limits and push the boundaries of her artistic journey. As an artist who desires to excel in her craft, Mahtab uses a variety of mediums to express herself and achieve the right texture and feel in her work. The canvas is her playground where she embraces the joy of creative process, where she delights in happy accidents and other unplanned surprises.Her artworks represent’s a passion and excitement that she has cherished and nourished, and arise from the many memories of the experience of life itself.

Returning Home

Lesley Block January 2015

Lesley Block will be exhibiting her artwork in January 2015

I only realized the artist within after I retired from my full time job as a Registered Nurse. I always had a love for other people’s creativity, but never had time for my own. I was born in South Africa where many people are creative, vibrant and artistic. A country with passion and pain. I immigrated to Canada with my husband and two children when I was 30 years old. My love for colour is well portrayed in my art and in the clothes that I wear. Other than Journey Of The Mind, none of my art has any inner meaning to me. It comes from within and finds itself on the canvas. For the most part I do not visualize what I am going to paint. I wait to see what I have painted. I hope that my art bring’s colour to your life as it has done for mine.


Images taken around Covernotes over the years

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